Total Control Over Your IRA Real Estate Investment

Self directed IRA real estate investment is not a new concept. What was once considered unconventional by many brokerage houses, banks and financial advisors is rapidly becoming common place. As these changes have taken place, however the concept of self directed has lost its true meaning. Individuals do not have the control over their retirement funds they think they have and this has led to frustrated investors.

IRA real estate investment is not allowed with traditional IRA accounts. Self directed IRA accounts were created to allow people more control over their funds. This helps open new doors to retirement investing, including commercial property investments, LLC’s, real estate contracts, and even residential rental properties. Many banks and brokerage firms that offer self directed IRAs do not allow their clients the freedom that these accounts imply. They limit investing to the stocks, mutual funds and CDs that were available for years due to the extra revenue they generate for their firms. This self-interest doesn’t benefit you or retirement accounts and defeats the purpose of a self directed account.

For those who understand the real estate market self directed IRA’s do not offer them enough control. They want control over their IRA’s funds and they want to avoid the hefty fees associated with self directed custodians. A more recent evolution in IRA real estate investment and self directed IRAs is the Checkbook IRA.

The checkbook IRA allows investor direct control over the finances in their IRA. If they see an investment opportunity and want to take advantage of it they do not have to contact their IRA custodian and deal with the company’s bureaucracy to receive the necessary funds. These investors can simply write the check themselves and sometimes even have debit cards tied to their IRA accounts.

Checkbook IRAs have the added benefit of being able to move quickly, an essential element in any investment opportunity. No one wants to find a prime real estate opportunity and lose out due to the volumes of paperwork necessary to liquidate their funds. This type of instant access to the IRA account increases profitability as well as control and opens new avenues of investment for retirement.

An IRA custodian is still necessary for your IRA account, however the IRA custodian of a checkbook IRA is honestly directed by you, because you handle more of the transactions the custodian’s fees are much lower.

Checkbook IRAs are the savvy investor’s best friend. By gaining more control over your investments you can control your profits and move the funds as you see fit. No more limited investments, no more paying custodian fees even when you lose money. Take control of your IRA real estate investments and you are only limited by your imagination.

IRA real estate investment has gained popularity with the decline in the stock market. Self directed IRA’s were the first step in allowing investors the opportunity to venture into the real estate market and diversify their portfolios. Checkbook IRA’s are the next step on this lucrative journey to allow you even more control in your retirement.